Friday, July 13, 2012

Going Bananas!!!

Oh my gosh. It's already feeling like a loooooong summer with three kiddos at home all day every day. Needless to say, someone is going bananas around here and sadly it's me.

I've been trying new recipes and trying to hide out in the kitchen as much as possible. Kids come in and ask what's cookin', grab a bite to eat and then go back to Legos, books, or whatever it is that's captivated their attention for the day.

Today I whipped up the strawberry ice cream and then I just had to keep going and make the banana purée that is supposed to taste like ice cream. It's a cleaver idea but really it's banana purée. Ice cream needs dairy and sugar and there's just no getting around that. BUT if you are looking for something healthy to hold you over when perhaps you're trying to avoid ice cream, then by all means whip this up. You just need frozen bananas!

Add to food processor and pulse until creamy and smooth. It's smart to freeze the bananas outside of their skin.... Otherwise this becomes a big pain in the you know what.

P.S. yeah I know there are a few specs of strawberry in there. There's a chance that I didn't wash the processor before starting this next adventure. I'm lazy like that :P
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