Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lego Mania!!!

My kids are Lego fanatics and no they aren't boys. I love it. We always had Legos around our house growing up but I also have two younger brothers. While the Legos were theirs, really they were everyone's because we all were engaged in the imaginative play that is synonymous with the word Lego.

So to add to the summer madness we decided to start on a few of those pinned ideas on my favorite website Pinterest. I think I visit that site more that my favorite social networking site. (I've found my inner Martha to say the least.). I found a quick tutorial on and whipped this craft up in about 10 minutes!
You'll need some Legos, super glue and some earring posts and backs. We went to Michaels and found them for $2.99 each. There were 60 posts (so that'll make 30 pairs) and 120 backs (guess we'll have extras for another project!).
Here's how we did it:
1. Send kid to retrieve Legos in pairs that they'd like to make into earrings.
2. Get your super glue ready and your steady hand.
3. Fill Lego hole with glue completely so that the glue begins to overflow, then place flat side of the post over the glue.
4. Let sit overnight to be sure it adhered.
5. Wear! Show off at school! Or sell at a craft fair like we'll be doing! Pin It

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